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Leadership Development
In today's ever-changing business environment, the need to remain competitive is more important than ever. Demanding market conditions, market globalization, innovation in technology and a diversifying workforce are just a few of the challenges facing businesses and business leaders today.

Perhaps the most important question raised by these challenges is: Who will lead these new enterprises? The answer: A unique man or woman who possesses the knowledge and skill, coupled with a strong sense of values.

Our work with organizational leaders assists them to deepen their understanding of themselves and develop them as effective leaders. In this process our clients will:

  • Discover what aspects and qualities they value in themselves as a leader;

  • Identify the type of leader they want to become;

  • Determine the dimensions of leadership needed in their particular organization to meet the challenges they face each and every day.

These are the qualities that are a must to not only survive, but to thrive.

Emerging Leaders

Our organization and Associates have demonstrated considerable skill in the area of the development of individuals in organizations who have been identified as High Potential candidates for more senior management positions.

We custom design a wide range of coaching engagements and related professional development programs to assist these up-and-comers make easier transitions from mid-level management to senior positions.

Contact us for more details on how we can customize a program to fit your organization's unique needs in this area.

"Your personal support and coaching has helped me immeasurably. My leadership and communication skills with my staff as well as my peers have made a marked improvement. This has been a rewarding experience that I can only attribute to your direct intervention and skill."

Frank Cipolla
Vice President, Engineering
Datron Advanced Technologies


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