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Cornerstone Executive Development Group, Inc. specializes in Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, and Team Building and Development.

We offer specialized programs focused on creating and delivering professional development strategies to create a powerful workplace. The company was founded in 1987 by our President, Stephen Xavier, to support people in expanding their definition of themselves and their abilities within a diverse range of organizations worldwide.


"At Cornerstone we don't sell services. We deliver value and results"


The primary focus of our practice is on developing organizations, individuals and teams to meet the challenges of a constant and ever-changing business climate. We achieve this by delivering outstanding service in three areas of expertise:

  • One-on-One Coaching The process begins with the six most important considerations when initiating an executive coaching engagement. They are: identify the candidate, assess the candidate, find a qualified coach, establish expectations and goals, establish the length of the engagement and understand what the process entails.

  • Team and Organizational Development: Building a successful and high performance team requires leadership through an understanding of individual team member's work preferences, team and organizational performance, professional development and goals. Based on individual team member's strengths and approaches to work, we can help focus your group of individuals into a fine tuned cooperative team.

  • Customized Workshops and Seminars: Presentations are made in the context of current business trends and increasing competition. Cornerstone can present topics like Coaching Skills for Managers, Identifying and Developing Your Top Performers, Techniques for Getting your Most Challenging Employees On-board and more.

  • Mentoring, Succession Planning and Knowledge Transfer: More and more organizations are facing a crisis in seeing their most seasoned managers heading for retirement. As they depart, so does their knowledge and years of experience in their industries. Creating the next generation of effective executives is a lofty goal. It must be planned for carefully by not allowing our greatest resources to simply fade away, but instead, turning them into a resource for the new executive workforce.

Cornerstone is unique in its approach to this work in several very important ways:

  • Our team of highly-seasoned professionals all possess considerable expertise in business and group process. All of our consultants come from corporate sector. Their skill is based in application, not theory.

  • Our ability to customize our work to meet your organization's unique needs

  • Our team approach to business coaching -- Our coaches work in tandem with individual clients to ensure results in a well-rounded, practical way.

  • Our recognition worldwide for our consultative services -- Our work spans The United States, Asia and Europe.

"I wanted to thank you for all of your assistance to C.J. Fox over the past year. Your efforts with our Flexography Department and our management team have allowed us to improve both performance and productivity.

We are eager to continue our work with you and would readily recommend you to other organizations who want to dramatically improve how their organization does business"

Robert Starr, President
C.J. Fox Company

"I wanted to thank you for working with me over these last few months. My production has increased approximately 50% since we began our work together. I am generally much happier and relaxed at work. You showed me that letting go of many tasks actually frees me up to be creative and gives me more time to work with my clients.

My co-workers have noticed changes and seem much more at ease with me and generally respond to me much more positively. Please feel free to use me as a reference. I would welcome the opportunity to describe my experience with you"

We are eager to continue our work with you and would readily recommend you to other organizations who want to dramatically improve how their organization does business"

Jon Fairbanks
Vice President - Investments
A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc

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